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How does the sponsorship process work?

Choose a girl or boy in need to sponsor for an ongoing commitment of $47 a month. You are the only sponsor for this child.

You'll get a packet with photos and more. We can send you and your family of video of your child.


Watch your child and community grow. You can send cards, photos, packages, and  more, or even visit!

Sponsorship provides:


  • Nutritious meals and clean drinking water.

  • A safe home and bed nets to prevent a child from getting malaria.

  • A chance to go to school and get an education.

  • Medical care.

  • Protection from exploitation.

  • Life skills as the child grows to maturity so they can have a productive and prosperous future.

  • Caring staff that love and care for the child.

  • Freedom for a child to be a child and to be happy knowing that have not been forgotten, but remembered and that God and another person in the world cares  for and loves them.


After choosing a child for yourself, your family, your local church, or youth group. Please provide your name, address, email, and phone (along with the child you are choosing to sponsor) so we can keep in contact with you concerning your sponsored child.  Thank you for your help!

For $ 47.00 Donation

For any amount Donation

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